Max's Custom Sized Covers for Canoes, Kayaks, Small Boats, and Dinghies


Protect your valuable investment. I can make a custom sized cover for most kayaks or canoes. (have dimensions for many popular models of canoes and kayaks such as Old Town, Wenonah, Mad River, Hobie, and Ocean Kayak already on file). Premium quality all-weather marine grade polyester fabric lasts for years and protects your canoe or kayak from the harmful effects of weather and damaging UV rays from the sun.

The slip-on storage cover for canoes and kayaks features an easy on/off design with quick release marine grade nylon buckles. Two designs available for kayaks - slip-on cover (open on the bottom side) or a fully enclosed tailored cover. All-weather storage covers (slip-on type) start at about $100.

I also make custom sized trailering and storage covers for small trailerable boats and square stern canoes - see below.

When shopping for a cover, be sure to ask if the fabric is marine treated - that means the fabric has been treated for water, mildew and UV resistance, and will stand up to Mother Nature. Also ask if they will do repairs on the cover if it should ever need it - a service much of my competition doesn't provide. If your cover ever needs to be repaired at some point in the future, you can simply box it up and send it to me, and I will repair it and return to you for a reasonable fee.

All covers are hand-crafted in my shop in northern Minnesota from quality marine fabrics manufactured in the USA

Canoe and kayak covers

Travel and storage covers for trailerable canoes, dinghies, and small boats like the Gheenoe, Grumman Sport Boat, Sportspal, square stern canoes, and other small trailerable boats.

Gheenoe covers

Grumman Sport Boat covers

Hobie Pro Angler cover

Email me at for a free quote. I sincerely appreciate your business and you will find that I will try to help you in any way I can.

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